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Let's Face It
3 Trio iShape Body Sculpting Treatment 2

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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Facial Treatments & Masks Price(pesos)
Facial Cleaning (with 2 Free Check-up)
Facial Cleaning w/ Laser & Vacuum 245
Additional Mask – Powdered Mask
Seaweed Mask 125
Antiseptic Mask 125
Collagen Mask 250
Skin Whitening Mask 250
Soft Mask
Pimple Acne Soft Mask 225
Whitening Soft Mask 225
Gel Mask
Pimple Paper Mask 620
Collagen Paper Gel Mask 620
Milk Essence Paper Gel Mask 620
Peel-off Mask
Pimple, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Pearl Whitening, Placenta 650
Cloth Mask
Caviar, Lycopene, Vitamin C 675
Facial with Non-surgical Face Lifting

Non Surgical Face Lifting with Eyebag Treatment

& Gel Collagen Mask (Face & Neck)


Non Surgical Face Lifting with Eyebag Treatment

& Dry Collagen Mask (Face & Neck)

Full Facial with Collagen Dry Mask, Laser & Vacuum 1,705
Full Facial with Hyaluronic Mask, Laser & Vacuum 1,705
Full Facial with Wheat Protein Mask, Laser & Vacuum 1,705
Warts Treatment (25 pieces) 435
Face Skin Peel & Bleach
Face Bleaching w/ Scrub 495
Glycolic Peel / with Prick 510 / 675
Advance Laser Starts at 620
Advance Laser with Eye Serum 810
Marine Collagen Serum / Lift Serum / Clearing Serum
Whitening with Vitamin C Serum 500
Eyebag Treatment & Mask
Eyebag Treatment 370
Eye Paper Gel Mask 225
Eye Collagen Dry Mask 510
Perm Eyelashes 280
Eyelash Extension
Fine Lashes 500
Natural Look 750
Mascara Effect 1,000
Touch Up / Retouch Starts at 160
Clearwhite Glutathione Capsules (500mg) 60
Permanent Laser Hair Removal Starts at 2,020
(For Female)
Eyebrow 150
Upper Lip 150
Underarm 250
(For Male)
Eyebrow 150
Mustache / Upper Lip 170
Beard 510
Regular Eyebrow Shaping 65
(For Male) Mustache 270
(For Female) Underarm 250